A new year brings new beginnings. For most, the first days that follow New Year’s Eve seem to be full of opportunity. The new year on the horizon is akin to an open, blank book you can fill with new stories, experiences and goals.

As this year gets underway, dental assistants may be resolving to take their careers to the next level, and pursuing Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) certification is the perfect next step. This year DANB is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification. So, if you have been thinking of earning DANB certification, now is the perfect time to go for it!

Why earn DANB certification? We turned to DANB certificants to learn their top 10 reasons to pursue certification.

1. To Advance Professionally

“CDA certification shows your professionalism,” says Kaley J., CDA. “I personally value my CDA certification because I feel it was a great achievement of something I worked hard to attain. Being certified gives me the ability to advance my dental assisting career.”

2. To Be a Team Asset

“Since I have become CDA certified, I have become the ‘go-to’ person to answer job-related questions,” says Carmen J., CDA. “I have heard repeatedly that assistants prefer my input because they trust my guidance.”

3. To Be Knowledgeable

“DANB certificants have great enthusiasm for continuous learning,” says Romela K., CDA. “The more you review and learn, the more you realize there is much to grasp. A true master of his or her craft seeks to transform and improve.”

4. To Be Proud

“I am incredibly proud of the fact that I am CDA certified, and that I was able to pass the DANB CDA exam,” says Meagan M., CDA. “That takes hard work and dedication.”

5. To Boost Confidence

“Becoming a CDA certificant increased my confidence as a dental professional and helped to boost my pride in the profession of dental assisting,” says Amanda R., CDA.

6. To Earn More

“I’m very proud that in five years I have more than doubled my salary,” says Whitney W., CDA. “I have grown from a $10-an-hour temporary assistant to the lead assistant making over $20 an hour.”

7. To Go the Extra Mile

“Earning CDA certification demonstrates a higher level of motivation, accomplishment and work ethic,” says Pamela C., CDA. “Studying for and passing the DANB exams shows you are willing to go the extra mile.”

8. To Increase Career Satisfaction

“My hard work has paid off — I am happy to say that I have been a CDA certificant for more than 20 years,” says Guinevere J., CDA. “With the help of mentors and DANB, I have built a very satisfying career.”

9. To Receive More Raises

“Having my CDA certification has been a blessing, because you can better negotiate your salary,” says Tina A., CDA.

10. To Stand Out

“Earning your DANB certification makes you the best dental assistant you can be,” says Julie A., CDA. “I highly encourage anyone interested in this field of work to be a part of the more than 37,000 people who are DANB certified.”

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