Dental assistants do a lot in a day, and there’s never a dull moment. But in between all the running around, there are some moments that make it all worth it. Here are a few things dental assistants look forward to every day on the job.


Patient Appreciations

Patients are the prime focus of dental assistants. Assistants are dedicated to creating a pleasant, positive dental experience for patients, especially for those who are fearful of the dentist. They appreciate it when patients thank them for their compassion and expertise.


“I love it when my patients give me a hug for taking excellent care of them.” —Kathy R.


“I love getting a hug from a patient who was so frightened, and I was there to help them feel safe and thankful.” —Violet A.


“It’s a magical moment when I can get a challenging patient to smile or laugh!” —Aimee S.


Seeing Students Grow

Many dental assisting educators love the moments when they can see their students succeed. Those moments make the day special and are rewarding for the educator and the students!
“It’s always a great day when the students participate in a lab and I can see on their faces how much they enjoy learning.” —Renee H.


“I love seeing the light go on when students grasp a new concept. It’s very rewarding!” —Rhonda M.


“The highlight of my day is seeing students finally master a skill. Nothing is better than working with them and seeing it start to click.” —Sarah S.


The Feeling of Teamwork

On an average day, dental assistants are immersed in a whirlwind of activity that would make your head spin. But many assistants flourish in the fast-paced nature of their jobs. In fact, many love the feeling when the team comes together and makes it all happen! They know teamwork can mean the difference between productivity or chaos at the office.


“Around 3 o’clock my office starts moving quicker than the rest of the day between emergencies and scheduled patients. I love the constant turnover. It keeps the energy flowing.” —Sharon G.


“When my team comes together, things run smooth. We’re like the winning team during the big game.” —Marcia J.


“I love those moments when the schedule is running smoothly and everybody is at their best performance.” —Catherine L.


All the Smiles

Of course, a day in the life of a dental assistant is filled with smiles. After all, dentistry is the business of smiles! So, it’s no wonder that the best moments in a dental assistant’s day are seeing the smile on a patient’s face.


“It’s so rewarding to see a patient who may have come scared and was finally able to relax. It’s the best when they leave with a smile.” —Theresa H.


“When a patient sees their smile restored, it often will bring them to tears. Seeing that does the same to me!” —Ivy G.


“After a full mouth rehab, having soldiers who never want to smile after years of being self-conscious grab my pink selfie stick, and smile from ear to ear showing those teeth!” —Rocherre M.



What are the things that brighten your day at the office?