Dental assistants cover a lot of ground in any given day. From assisting chairside to managing the appointment schedule, from calming scared patients to implementing infection control procedures, there are countless tasks for dental assistants to juggle over the course of a single day.

Because of everything demanded of them, dental assistants know the importance of being prepared. Here are just a few reasons dental assistants are so organized!


You love planning ahead.

“If I wasn’t a dental assistant, I would probably be a professional organizer.”
— Dana H., CDA

You’re not organized because you’re a dental assistant; you’re a dental assistant because you’re organized! Staying on top of things isn’t just something you do — it’s something you love doing and is an important part of who you are.


You help make the day run smoothly.

“Dental assistants are the backbone of the daily operations of the dental office.”
— Kathy L., CDA

Staying organized can not only prevent schedule hiccups, but can also make it easier to deal with them when they do come up. If you’re already feeling organized, you can better handle the unexpected when it’s thrown at you and keep things running smoothly.


Your team relies on you.

“I go above and beyond to help my team, and then they usually return the favor.”
— Kim S.

Because of your organizational skills, the whole team relies on you to keep things on schedule. The more organized the day, the more every member of the dental team can focus on his or her duties in the office. Dental assistants make that happen.


Patients depend on you.

“As a patient, I noticed that teamwork, people skills, patience and organizational skills were necessary. I knew I had all these skills and wanted to put them to good use.”
— Jacqueline G., CDA

As a dental assistant, you see nearly every single patient who walks through the practice’s door. These patients depend on your organization skills to ensure that their appointments run efficiently and on time.


You know how to minimize conflicts.

“Trying to keep the patients happy when frustrating issues happen is challenging. You must stay calm and be very good at prioritizing.” — Virginia H., CDA

An organized office makes for a happier office. When things run smoothly, people tend to get along better, which means fewer conflicts between team members and less stress for patients.


You help increase office productivity.

“Any time there is downtime at the office, I like to rearrange the storage room, reorganize the supply closet, and come up with new ways of making our rooms set up to be more efficient.”
— Dana H., CDA

Organization isn’t just good for office morale — it’s good for office productivity, too. Staying organized means that more things can get done on a given day, which means the overall productivity of the whole office can improve.


You strive to stay calm.

“Finding the most efficient path to get patients in and out as quickly as possible while providing the best care can make you feel like the ringmaster in a three-ring circus.” — Kathy B., CDA

Being organized isn’t just good for the office, the patients and the team — it’s also good for you! Because you know to expect the unexpected, your organizational skills help you get through any surprises, no matter how hectic or out of the blue. And staying calm is good for keeping your overall stress levels down!