We know that dental assisting is not an easy job — especially since March 2020, with the pandemic bringing new challenges to the dental office.

Even though dental assistants experience high stress at work these days, you still provide patient care — the No. 1 part of the job, most would agree.

This is just one of the many reasons to be thankful for dental assistants, this year more than ever. Below, we list a few additional points.

1. Your Positive Attitude

Everyone in the dental office can count on dental assistants to be a positive and friendly presence, no matter the circumstance — and this is a key reason you deserve gratitude from your patients and peers.

For example, Elizabeth M. always looks on the bright side and embraces helping her patients, even when times are tough. “As a dental assistant working during the pandemic, my goal is to stay cheerful for our patients who need us to brighten their day and make them comfortable,” she says.


2. Your Compassion

It’s well-known that dental assistants are compassionate. But lately, patients are exponentially grateful that you strive to keep them calm and safe in the “new normal” dental office.

“I love working with patients and helping them to smile again, even when it’s challenging,” says Linda O.

3. Your Willingness to Go Above and Beyond

Another reason to be grateful for dental assistants is that you never hesitate to go the extra mile.

From wearing more personal protective equipment, to complying with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID protocols, to taking on more duties in short-staffed offices, and even to adjusting your curriculum to accommodate distance learning (for those who work as educators) … your flexibility is commendable.

“I know so many dental assistants and team members who have adapted during this time,” says Janie A. “Kudos to all!”

Dental assistants, we’re grateful for you! What are you grateful for?