Dental assistants are well aware of what a rewarding career dental assisting can be, and that knowledge is spreading — people outside dentistry have started to notice the advantages of working in this growing profession. In fact, this year U.S. News & World Report rated dental assisting as the #17 best healthcare support job in the country, and the #72 overall best job.

This isn’t the first time dental assisting has been called out as one of the best jobs in the U.S. — it’s been topping lists for the last five years. Below we break down some of the reasons why dental assisting is one of the best careers.

Dental assisting is:


1. Flexible

There’s flexibility in how to become a dental assistant — whether you’re trained on the job or attend a more formal dental assisting education program. And once you get into the field, you may be able to take advantage of the flexible hours many dental assistants enjoy.


2. Fascinating

Dental assistants interact with nearly every patient who walks through the dental practice’s door. As a result, your job is fast-paced and interesting — there’s always someone new to meet, a new problem to solve, or a new technique to try. No two days are ever the same!


3. Fast-Growing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assisting is supposed to grow 18% over the next 10 years — which is much faster than the national average. This puts dental assisting among the top 25 fastest-growing occupations in the country.


4. Full of Opportunity

More and more, states are expanding the functions that dental assistants are allowed to perform. In most states, passing DANB exams or holding Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification is recognized or required to take on more duties. Look up your state requirements or find out more about DANB exams and certification.


It’s an exciting time to be a dental assistant, and word is getting out about the advantages of this growing career path.

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