You often tell us you’re thankful to be a dental assistant. But there are definitely moments in the dental office when you feel more grateful than usual, when you really have a reason to smile. Can you relate to any of the workday highlights shared with us below?


1. Patients Are On Time

We’ve heard about how patients arriving late, or not at all, for their appointment can throw off the dental team’s schedule. On the flip side, it can be such a relief when a patient arrives on time or early — especially for the dental assistant who’s trying to keep everything on track!

You’ve also said you appreciate it when patients take the time to brush their teeth or visit the restroom before their appointment begins. This can keep the schedule from becoming delayed, too.

“I’m grateful for the on-time patients; arriving when expected for their appointment shows consideration, and allows the dental team to stay the course,” says Danielle D.


2. Teams Are Thriving

The best dental teams are the ones that are always communicating and trying to help one another for the greater good of the practice and patients. We’ve heard from dental assistants about occasional breakdowns in team communication and efficiency — but when the team is on the same page, working together toward the same goal, this can be magical for everyone involved!

“There’s no ‘I’ in team,” agrees Greta D., CDA. “I have a great co-worker by my side, and we have an awesome doctor to work for. I’ve loved my career for 44 years!”


3. Bosses Are the Best

Among dental assistants, there tends to be talk about finding the right fit when it comes to your office and employer. Often, rapport with your dentist can be a big factor in whether or not you experience job satisfaction. Luckily, many dental assistants say they work with the best dentist who strives to provide a good salary and benefits, access to continuing education, and a work-life balance.

Veronica L. is especially grateful for her employer’s flexibility. “I’m the only assistant, and I had to be away from the office for a family emergency — luckily, the doctor has a family-first motto,” she says. “He canceled all the appointments for the day. I love my job.”


4. Patients Are Appreciative

Each day, dental assistants see a multitude of patients, and every patient and interaction can be different. We’ve heard it especially makes your day when a patient has a positive experience in the dental office — and lets you know that they’re especially thankful for you, their dental assistant.

“That’s what’s so great about this field — you feel good all the time knowing you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life,” says Stephanie L.


What is it about your job as a dental assistant that makes you particularly grateful? If you are another dental team member, what makes you thankful for dental assistants? Share your thoughts!