Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW) is here — and it’s time for dental assistants to treat themselves!

Dental assistants have a variety of plans for celebrating DARW during March 3-9. Read on to learn some ways to commemorate the special occasion this year.

Taking a Break Together

DARW can be an opportunity for the entire dental team to take a break and spend time together inside and outside of the office. Some dentists cater in lunch or host small parties at the practice, while other teams take the festivities to restaurants, bowling alleys or movie theaters.

“Last year, our doctors had a lunch for the dental assistants, which I thought really helped strengthen the team’s spirit,” recalls Eryn E., CDA. “This year, I have a lunch planned for a group of dental assistants that I have worked with, and we plan on having a great time appreciating each other’s company.”

Sharing Sweet Treats and Gifts

During DARW, many dental team members bring cupcakes, candy, flowers or small gifts into the office to share with one another. Some teams even have a cake baked especially in honor of dental assistants. These are sweet ways to show appreciation and bolster team morale.

“Every day of this week, treats and gifts are given in appreciation,” says Tracy S., CDA. “It’s a really special week.”

Delivering Thank-You Notes

In addition to sharing sweet treats, many dental team members take the time to write and deliver thank-you notes to their colleagues. A little appreciation can go a long way in the dental office, especially during DARW.

“DARW is a chance to say thank you to the dental assistants who are very hard-working and a vital part of a dental practice,” says Heather F.

Self-Reflecting and Setting Goals

DARW also can serve as a reminder for dental assistants to reflect on why they chose their career path. Dental assistants are dedicated to continuously growing their careers and knowledge, all for the patients’ benefit. This commitment is worth celebrating!

“DARW is a time to reflect on the past year of our careers: on what we have accomplished and our goals for the future,” says Laura S., CDA.

How will you celebrate DARW?

Share your plans!