Many dental assistants who love working in the profession agree that dental assisting is their “dream job.” They believe they’ve found the ideal career match that perfectly fits their interests and skills.

Michelle G. feels that way about the career path before her – so much opportunity awaits, and she can’t wait to get started! “I recently graduated from dental assistant school, and everything is so exciting for me! I enjoy it so much,” she says.

Do you believe that your dental assisting career is “meant to be”? Here are some signs that this may be the case.

1. You’re Satisfied with Your Career

There are many reasons dental assistants love their jobs – it’s fast-paced, no two days are ever the same, and you find caring for patients to be extremely fulfilling. Experiencing job satisfaction is no small feat. It’s important to feel passion for your chosen career and excited about the work you do each day. If you feel satisfied that you selected dental assisting as a profession, then your career path was probably meant to be!

“Becoming a dental assistant is the best decision I have made,” shares Lucy S. “I’m so happy being a dental assistant.”

2. You Feel Valued as a Dental Professional

Dental assistants are extremely vital members of the team. Every day, you make many significant, valuable contributions to the dental office. If you feel valued as a dental assistant – and at least periodically receive positive feedback from your co-workers, employer and patients about the amazing work you do – then you probably picked the right profession.

“After spending more than 34 years in the profession, I have realized I didn’t just find a job to fill my time – but I also found a really satisfying career. I feel valued and appreciated,” shares Sue C., CDA.

3. You Love Going to the Dental Office

Many dental assistants have said they have always enjoyed going to the dentist’s office. They recall positive memories of early experiences in the dental chair. When they were younger, some assistants even were in awe of the dental team – they considered their very first dentist, hygienist and dental assistant to be “superheroes!” In many cases, dental assistants looked up to these dental professionals and were curious about entering the line of work someday. Does this sound like you? If so, then you’ve likely found the perfect work environment.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the dental field,” shares Tera R., CDA. “I am very happy with my 26-plus-year career.”

4. You Find Dentistry Fascinating

Some dental assistants have said they joined the profession because they can’t help but notice people’s teeth and smiles. Oral health is a fascinating topic for many who consider having a hand in transforming smiles to be the most important work. You just can’t get enough of learning about the profession, procedures, technology and materials. If you’re naturally drawn to all things dentistry, it would seem you chose the best field for you.

“I love teeth, and dental assisting seemed very interesting to me,” says Heather S., CDA, CPFDA, CRFDA.

5. Your Schedule Is Perfect for You

Many dental assistants have shared that they enjoy the flexibility a dental assisting career offers. Many times, assistants have the option of working more or fewer hours, depending on their personal availability. And generally, the dental office is not open on nights and much of the weekend – which means you can be at home with your loved ones instead of at work. This isn’t always true of other roles in the medical profession. If you’ve found a good work-life balance as a dental assistant, then you’re probably grateful you joined the profession.

“The schedule’s phenomenal,” says Christina B., CDA, who works part-time so she can sometimes stay home with her young child. “I’m so thankful for that, because you don’t find that with every career.”

Do you feel your dental assisting career was “meant to be”?

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