Most people who visit the dentist’s office interact with at least one dental assistant. But sometimes it seems like there is still so much people don’t understand about this important role and career. Below, we list the things dental assistants want people to know about what they do.


1. I don’t clean teeth.

People often mistake dental assistants for dental hygienists, who are usually responsible for scaling and cleaning teeth. Dental assistants don’t clean teeth, but they are responsible for some of the most important tasks in the office. Depending on the state where they work, dental assistants do things like take x-rays, prep instruments, assist the dentist and provide after-care instructions.


2. I keep the office running smoothly.

Dental assistants are the eyes and ears of a dental office, as they have contact with every patient who walks in. From setting appointments to getting the room ready for patients, dental assistants are often the ones keeping the whole office humming.


3. My days are non-stop action.

Keeping a dental office running smoothly is no easy task — dental assistants are on their feet, working hard all day long doing tasks like setting up for procedures, sterilizing instruments, managing the appointment schedule, and helping patients feel comfortable and at ease.


4. I am a professional.

Dental assisting is not just a job — it’s a career! Whether trained on the job or through a dental assisting program, dental assistants have knowledge and understanding of a variety of skills necessary to do their jobs. And it’s a growing profession and career — dental assisting is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country. Training and professionalism are an important part of being a dental assistant.


5. I love what I do.

Dental assistants are dedicated to their careers and passionate about what they do. They are the ones on the front lines of the dental office, and they love making people smile. After all, that’s the job.


What do you wish people knew about your role as a dental assistant?