Having recently participated in his fifth American Association of Dental Office Management’s (AADOM) annual conference, Greg Prince, FAADOM, still vividly remembers the first conference he ever attended.

“I was three weeks into dentistry,” recalls Prince, who has been in the dental office management field for the past four years. “That first conference was incredible. Walking into it for the first time, I saw and felt the energy.”

Prince, office manager at Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee, was inspired then to immerse himself in all things AADOM. Currently, Prince is president of his local Nashville AADOM chapter. He’s been an AADOM Fellow since 2018 and a member of the organization since 2015. And now, Prince is AADOM’s 2019 Practice Administrator of the Year — an announcement made during AADOM’s 2019 conference, held July 18-20 in Orlando, Florida.

“I definitely owe my success to my AADOM experiences,
interactions and mentors.”

“I definitely owe my success to my AADOM experiences, interactions and mentors,” Prince says. “I’ve met really knowledgeable office managers, some with 20 and 30 years of experience, who have been willing to take on that mentor role with me and share what has made them successful. I’ve learned so much.”

Prince adds that beyond the networking experiences, education also abounds at an AADOM conference. “There’s all this compressed information right there that would have taken weeks, months, years to try to compile,” Prince adds. “It would have taken me a lot longer to find resources and solutions to the challenges our team faced, had it not been for AADOM. It’s been incredible.”

Here, Prince shares his thoughts about receiving AADOM’s 2019 Practice Manager of the Year award, as well as his advice for fellow office managers, and more.


1. How does it feel to be recognized with this award?

It’s a true honor — something that I wasn’t expecting and a nice boost to my energy. When [2018 award winner] Elizabeth Cord, FAADOM, said my name onstage, it was incredible. I think I’m still in shock, honestly, over having received the award. I can’t say thank you to AADOM enough.

2. What do you enjoy most about your role as an office manager?

Knowing that I’m making a difference for my doctor and my team.

3. What do you believe helps you to be successful in your role?

Listening to my team, to my doctors, and seeing things through their eyes, from their viewpoint. I’m blessed to lead this team, and it’s been incredible to watch them communicate, work together and problem solve.

It wasn’t that easy at the beginning, four years ago. I am such a problem-solver that early on, that first year, I would come into work and see a gap, a way to improve and a solution. I would try to tell the team: ‘We’ve got to do this, this is the way we’re going to do it, we’re going to make this happen.’ Honestly, I’ve learned a lot in the short time since then, and that I don’t have to do it all myself.

4. What’s the best part about working in the dental field?

I love the dental field because everyone networks. Doctors know each other; they go to study clubs together. Office managers know each other because of AADOM. We get to network together and share ideas. It’s not every person for themselves.

5. You’ve been an AADOM Fellow since 2018. Why would you recommend that office managers pursue Fellowship?

Through pursuing AADOM Fellowship, I received additional resources and knowledge to help me do a better job for the doctors who trust me with their livelihood. Some of the courses that are required as part of the FAADOM process are more dental-specific, and they help to make sure I’m looking at every aspect of the business. To put ‘FAADOM’ behind your name is a way to say I’m engaged in this community and in the business that I’m leading. It definitely was a great process to go through and engage in.

6. What’s your overall advice for office managers?

Build a team around you that’s supportive of what you believe. I can’t say enough about relying on and listening to your team!

Start with talking to your doctor and finding out what’s important to them in their lives. What’s the focus for them? What do they want out of their work-life balance? What do they want from their team? Communicate that to the team, and let the team help to develop your core values and mission.

Also, have fun! Have fun in dentistry. Life is too short to stay serious all the time. We here at the practice try to have fun every day. There’s always laughter. Our mission is to improve lives around us by making people smile. Have fun doing that. Enjoy what you do.


About the award

AADOM names its Practice Administrator of the Year each year during its annual conference. Nominees must be an AADOM member in good standing, currently working full-time as an office manager or practice administrator in a dental practice and have at least three years of experience in dentistry.

Winners are selected by AADOM based on their leadership, community involvement and commitment to pursuing continuing education. They are also evaluated on their role in increasing practice efficiency and revenue, or in implementing technology or marketing strategies in the dental practice.

The 2019 Practice Administrator of the Year receives $1,000, an engraved award, complimentary AADOM lifetime membership and free tuition to the 2020 dental management conference, and will be featured on the cover AADOM’s The Observer magazine.

To learn more about AADOM, visit www.dentalmanagers.com.