Being part of a great team is the best, isn’t it?

You often tell us that you’re grateful for your “work besties.” These colleagues brighten your workdays and your overall professional experience.

If you click with your colleagues, you probably know that feeling when you realize one of your colleagues has called in sick or is on vacation — disappointment. After all, who will you turn to throughout the day during those stressful times or exciting moments? This is one way to tell you’ve reached #squadgoals status. Here, we list 6 more telltale signs that your dental team is the best.

1. You Feel at Home

For lucky dental assistants, the dental office is not just a workplace — it’s a second home. And your co-workers aren’t just teammates — they’re like family.

“Our lives tend to center around our work, so it’s important to find the office that fits us,” says Latonya P. “It took me almost four years to realize this. Now, I’ve found my work family.”

Kohaku L. also experienced this. “Some dental teams are lucky — they click and become a tight family team,” she says. “I had this for seven years.”

2. You’re Supportive

The best dental teams are supportive of one another. Jessica P. is grateful to be part of such a team. “We look out for one another, and help each other out,” she says.

Shawanna T. says this is true for her team as well. “As a team, we take good care of our patients, and one another,” she says.

After all, at the center of every great dental team is compassion — “especially toward our teammates,” agrees Marisa G.

3. You Respect and Trust Each Other

Respect is also at the foundation of the best dental teams. Team members know that in order to have respect, everyone must communicate and listen to one another.

“Everyone on the dental team, from my own experience, works very hard,” agrees Karen T. “It’s so important to respect one another.”

Connie K. agrees. “As a dental assistant, I’m a very good listener,” she says, “not only to the patients, but also to the doctor and other staff members.”

4. You Have Fun Together

The best dental teams not only work hard, but also enjoy one another’s company. Sherry L. says she’s been fortunate to become close with her co-workers. “We are all a great team where I work,” she says. “It’s fun, and I’ve made friends.”

“We have the same outlook and work ethic,” adds Teresa L. of her dental team. “Most of all, we have fun on the job.”

Elena D. says camaraderie among teammates is a must. “We all have to get along — we don’t have a choice,” she jokes.

5. You Share Knowledge

The best dental teams are always gaining wisdom, from each other and from new experiences.

“I learn every day,” says Maritza G. “Throughout my career, I’ve never stopped learning from doctors, patients and other assistants.”

Anna L. says it’s rewarding to be able to share her knowledge with others. “I love teaching my co-workers new things,” she says. “When you see their ‘aha!’ moment and are able to share your passion with another, I love that!”

6. You Praise Each Other

The best dental teams recognize one another for the hard work they do. For instance, Lana P.’s office has a recognition system in place. Standout team members are routinely praised.

“At our office, we nominate a member of the team who has done something ‘wow’-worthy,” she explains. “Each month, the doctor pulls a ‘wow’ nomination out of a box, and the person who was nominated gets a gift card. It’s really fun to see who wins.”

“I love my office family,” Lana continues. “It’s easy to do random acts of kindness, which brings joy to all.”

Pat H. believes a little appreciation goes a long way in showing support. “The words ‘thank you’ are not said often enough,” she says. “I work with a great assistant, and I truly am thankful for her!”

Why is your dental team the best?