We’ve talked about the joys of starting a new dental assisting job and making new friends on the job. And, we’ve talked about the qualities that make for a great dental team. But the reality is that some time in your professional career, you might have to work with some people who aren’t always easy to get along with. We’ve listed some annoying co-worker qualities and some tips for how to find the best in people.


The Know-It-All

We’ve all met that person who seems to think they know best. It’s not always easy to handle this person with grace, but with patience, you might find a common ground – or at least learn to minimize conflict.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated and always be eager to learn something new. This type of attitude will take you far.” — Renee T.


The Constant Complainer

There’s nothing more tiring that working with someone who always has something negative to say. This type of person isn’t likely to change, so it’s best to avoid these conversations and change the topic when you can.

“I think your mood and personality affect the team. When there are issues with the team, I always look at my behavior and what I can do to improve the energy.” — Marylee D.


The Procrastinator

“Why do today what you can put off to tomorrow?” is classic thinking for the Procrastinator. Unfortunately, this is frustrating for co-workers and can throw off the dental team.

“Sometimes drama surfaces on the team. I always try to remind everyone that we need to work together, and that usually gets everyone on the same page.” — Amanda M.


The Gossip

There’s nothing the Gossip loves more than chatting about the latest news. While it can be hard to resist this type of situation, it’s best not to get involved.

“If you are having an issue with your team, look at your own participation in that team instead of blaming others!” — Donna T.



What are your tips for dealing with difficult co-workers?