For dental professionals, change is now our new normal due to COVID-19. As dental practices rebuild after temporary shutdowns, and with new pressures of stricter safety guidelines, dental team members can expect we will need to contribute to the office in more ways.

As a dental assistant, being cross-trained to help with administrative functions — such as answering phones, scheduling treatment and accepting payments — will not only make you a more valuable team member, but also help you shine as a leader in guiding the practice through this challenging time.

According to Kevin Henry, co-founder of IgniteDA and editor-in-chief at, “There is always value in dental assistants learning new skills and looking for ways to expand their careers.”

“I believe having front-desk training is one of the best opportunities for growth for any dental assistant.” —Kevin Henry

“Many dental assistants have told me they looked at the time of dental office closures in spring 2020 as a chance for them to hit the reset button on their careers,” continues Kevin. “Part of that was looking at ways they could expand their skill sets, both clinically and non-clinically. I believe having front-desk training is one of the best opportunities for growth for any dental assistant.”


Training Available through AADOM

The Office Manager Training Series (OM101)

The American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) offers a training program designed to teach basic business-related skills for managing a successful practice. The Office Manager Training Series (OM101) consists of eight learning modules taught by several of today’s industry experts. Among others, topics include:

  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Office systems and daily tasks
  • Effective scheduling best practices
  • Financials and accounts receivable
  • Analyzing and understanding reports
  • Marketing your dental practice

To learn more about OM101, go to

‘Dental Assistant to Practice Administrator’ Course

This fall, AADOM will be presenting a unique course for dental assistants, “Dental Assistant to Practice Administrator,” which will offer a deeper dive into understanding what is needed for cross-training in administrative functions, or to move into the management side of the dental practice.

As we navigate this time of transition and beyond, one thing we do know is that our dental teams need to be ready to pitch in and help in the office where needed. As a dental assistant, it is more important than ever that you are up-to-date and comfortable with basic administrative functions. Lean on your dental community for support and set yourself up for success by taking advantage of AADOM membership and training. The future is bright for talented dental professionals like you, and AADOM is here to support you each step of the way.


Heather Colicchio is Founder and President of the American Association of Dental Office Management.