It’s that special week that dental assistants look forward to every year. Of course, we’re talking about Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW). This year, dental assistants across the country celebrated their profession from March 5-11. From luncheons to community education events, here’s how some of your fellow dental assistants commemorated DARW.


Saluting the Next Generation

Many dental assisting programs celebrated their students with a mix of fun and educational activities. Many were treated to lunches and gifts. Others took advantage of continuing education classes and conferences. And some programs injected a bit of humor in the week by allowing students to dress in dental-themed costumes. DARW showed the next generation of dental assistants that they have much to look forward to in their profession.


“On Monday, the students declared it crazy hair day by placing toothbrushes and floss in their hair. Tuesday was treats day. The students wore bathrobes and brought breakfast items on Wednesday. Lastly, Thursday was tooth fairy day. The students dressed in tutus and fairy wings and waved wands all day.” — MeeYing C.


“Eastern Gateway Community College showered students and staff with gifts and honored them with a luncheon. Students presented community activities to promote the dental assisting profession and to educate the public on the importance of good dental care.” — Tammy G.


Tokens of Appreciation

Dental offices across the country also took time out of their busy schedules to thank their hard-working dental assistants. Many dentists took their teams out for lunch. Several dental assistants received flowers, balloons and gift cards. Some dentists even lauded their assistants on social media. But many dental assistants said that they simply appreciated that their teams thanked them for the vital roles they play in the office and patient care.


“We started the week with lunch and cake from the doctors. Then we ended the week with a mani and pedi spa treatment while our doctors served us champagne and strawberries. We could not have felt more appreciated!” — Belinda W.


“My boss figured out the best present ever for me for DARW. I got the whole week off!” — Laurie S.


Doing What They Do Best

For many dental assistants, DARW was an opportunity to show how much they care about patients. After all, dental assistants often say that their favorite part of the job is connecting with patients. Whether it’s easing dental anxieties or helping maintain healthy smiles, patient care comes first for dental assistants.


“Our doctor bought us lunch and gave me my favorite leggings with a thank-you note, but we also celebrated DARW the best way possible: working with and helping patients.” — Petia N.


“We celebrated by singing the week away and bringing many beautiful smiles and laughs to our patients. I love being a dental assistant.” — Jasmin G.


How did you celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week?