Sometimes drama in the dental office feels unavoidable. It seems everyone has a story about a difficult co-worker. But, you don’t have to get pulled in to the negativity. We wanted to know how you handle these issues, and here are some of the things we heard.


“Try to find a positive trait in everyone.” — April S., CDA

When negativity arises, it helps to focus on the positive aspects of your job and co-workers. Keeping a bright outlook and reminding yourself about your priorities can make dealing with office politics that much easier.


“The key is to be nice to everyone — even if you don’t care for them.” — Mindy F., CDA

It’s important to remember that while you can’t manage the way other people behave, you can control how you respond. Being kind to everyone in the office can diffuse any drama before it begins. It can also change — in a positive way! — how others respond to you.


“I just stay out of it.” — Alia O., CDA

Ignoring the drama doesn’t always mean being unaware of it. In fact, sometimes you need to know which situations to avoid. For example, if there’s a weekly lunch date that involves talking behind a co-worker’s back, maybe try to stay out of that situation. Doing so may help you avoid unnecessary work drama.


“Squash the issue before it goes too far.” — Lindsay B., CDA

If a situation arises that must be dealt with, don’t let the drama fester and stew. Instead, handle the situation as it happens so that you can resolve it even faster. Remember to keep your cool, and use resources that can help your cause such as a trusted supervisor or office manager.


“Even though it’s stressful, I know I’m making a difference in my patients’ lives.” — Dana H., CDA

Hopefully everyone in your office has one major priority — the patients. Even on the worst days, seeing a thankful smile from a patient can make the important work you do feel worth it.


What tactics do you use to deal with the drama in your office? Tell us in the comments!