Dental assistants juggle a lot in a day! There are patients to assist, rooms to set up, schedules to manage and a long list of other jobs and responsibilities — it may feel like you do it all! We’ve talked a lot about what dental assistants do to stay organized and positive  at work — now let’s talk about what dental assistants do in their free time!


Get in a good workout.

Exercise is great for mind and body — and a wonderful way to keep stress levels in check. And many assistants have found that exercise doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership.

“I love to take a really long walk after work or on my days off — just me and my dog. It really helps me clear my head and unwind after a stressful couple of days.” — Adrian G.


Aim for new goals.

After the workday, some assistants turn their energies to continuing their studies and working toward their next career goal.

“Recently on my days off, I’ve been studying to earn DANB certification. When I pass the exams, I plan to pursue a career in education.” — Kathy P.


Spend some quality “me” time.

Sometimes you just have to unwind and dive in to your favorite activity — whether it’s with friends or alone.

“I love coming home and watching my favorite show, and I also play bingo once a week.” — Dawn B.


Volunteer in the community.

There is nothing like the feeling of giving back. We have heard from many dental assistants that volunteering gives them a sense of purpose and renewal.

“I spend a few days off volunteering at a new dental clinic near my home. It gives me so much pleasure to help people in need!” — Carol R.


How do you spend your days off? Share your stories in the comments!