With the new year underway, now’s the perfect time for dental assistants to not only consider their 2020 goals, but also reflect on their meaningful moments from 2019. We’ve been reviewing anecdotes you shared with us last year about significant occurrences in your professional lives. A few stories in particular, shared below, stood out as being especially heartfelt.


Impactful Military Dentistry Experiences

Earlier last year, we featured military dental assistants who are proud to serve their country and their patients. Among the assistants we heard from is Angelica M., CDA, who maintains dual military status as both a civilian dental assistant working for an oral and maxillofacial surgery office, and as a dental assistant serving with the Alaska National Guard.

In summer 2019, Angelica participated in the National Veterans Golden Age Games, which she says was a meaningful experience. “My National Guard unit supported that event by providing medical personnel,” Angelica elaborates. “The event was so impactful. I met competing veteran athletes of all ages who are simply amazing. This kind of thing is what helps to fuel my passion for the dental profession, and for life.”


Meaningful Global Mission Trips

Also last year, we heard from dental assistants who regularly volunteer to help populations in need, both locally and abroad.

For example, in spring 2019, dental assistant Leksie P. traveled to Guatemala on a mission trip with the Smiles for Latin America organization. “I volunteered as a dental assistant for oral surgery. Having the opportunity to go on one of the organization’s mission trips around the world was the most humbling, educational and spiritual experience I’ve ever been a part of,” Leksie shares. “I plan to participate in more volunteer service opportunities in the future.”

Elizabeth P., CDA, whose passion also is volunteering, encourages her colleagues to consider a dental mission trip this coming year: “Taking a mission trip gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I wish for other dental assistants to feel the same.”


Joyful DANB Certification Milestones

All last year, we enjoyed hearing from new DANB certificants. We also appreciated hearing from those who continue to maintain DANB certification and achieve certification milestones. One such example is Deanna C., CDA, CDPMA. Her dental office team wrote to us about her 30-year DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification anniversary: “What an accomplishment!” they note. “This is a mark of excellence! It reflects her commitment to the dental assisting profession and providing quality patient care.”

Deanna C., CDA, also reached out to DANB to share her gratitude. “It was such a nice surprise to be recognized by DANB for 30 years as a CDA certificant!” she says.

Additionally, Dorothea C., CDA, recently expressed her excitement for reaching her 25-year milestone as a DANB certificant. “I’m one proud dental assistant,” she shares.


What was exciting for you in 2019? What do you look forward to in 2020? Let us know!