Dental assistants are rarely limited to just one or two duties around the office. Instead, you wear many different hats throughout the day. We’ve compiled a list of some of the alternate job titles we’ve heard from dental assistants.



During the fast-paced day of a dental assistant, staying on top of the variety of responsibilities and keeping everyone happy is no easy job. In fact, it can feel like a magic act to balance everything.

“I am always three steps ahead of the doctor at any given moment, while thinking about the next two patients, jotting down the supply orders, and hoping I didn’t forget anything!” — Melissa C.



Being a good listener and having empathy are important traits for both counselors and dental assistants. We often hear how rewarding it can be to help a patient feel comforted and understood during their dental visit.

“When the doctor leaves the room, the patient will turn to the dental assistant for reassurance. When talking to them, you have to balance being professional but showing them you truly care about how they feel.” — Krista K.



Dental assistants play a critical role educating patients about everything from proper brushing techniques to the importance of following the post-treatment plan. Dental assistants often spend time training new assistants and educating them on how things are done around the office. And, of course, many dental assistants become educators in the classroom, as well!

“Mentors and teachers can be a huge influence on new dental assistants – especially in how much they care and how hard they work.” — Krystal P., CDA


Mind Reader

Part of being a dental assistant is being one step ahead of the doctor and anticipating any needs that may arise. A good dental assistant knows what to expect and plans for the unexpected. It’s no wonder others consider you a mind reader!

“I can remember every instrument set up, where patients grew up, special order items, the names of the dental reps, the patient’s favorite neck pillow – I keep track of it all!” — Rachel S.


Rock Star

Dental assistants have the ability to keep everything running smoothly. They are skilled at working with many different personalities and finding solutions when challenges pop up. Given all that dental assistants do in a day, the title of rock star is perfectly fitting!

“My passion for dental assisting drives me. I don’t know where the energy comes from, even when I work a 12-hour shift. All I know is that I love what I do and every day is worth it!” — Grace P.



What would you add to the list?