You spend a lot of time in the dental office each day. It’s safe to say that when it comes to dental assisting, you get a lot of practice! Before long, your routine tasks can become second nature. We’ve even heard from some of you that, as the saying goes, you feel like you could assist in your sleep!

This likely is an exaggeration. But it’s no surprise that while catching some z’s each night, you may dream about all things dental. Do you recognize any of these common dream scenarios?

Running Late

Dreaming about being late or missing an appointment is very common. These kinds of dreams may be the result of having many responsibilities to manage. Dental assistants, in particular, are under a lot of pressure each day to work at a fast pace and keep everything running smoothly. It would be no surprise to have a dream or two about running behind on this carefully planned schedule.

Have you ever had a dream about being late to work at the dental office?


Failing an Exam

For those who are in school, there can be a lot of anxiety around taking exams. Another very common dream is around the theme of failing an exam. Sometimes, this dream centers around forgetting to study before exam day. Other times, the dream is about a surprise exam or being late for an exam. These dreams may symbolize a fear of failing or being judged. In fact, these kinds of dreams are so common, many people have them even after their school days are done. If you’re preparing for a DANB exam, consider the DALE Foundation’s courses and study aids!

Have you ever had a dream about taking a DANB exam or another important exam?


Teeth Falling Out

Dreams about teeth are incredibly common! They can also be unnerving. Many people have reported having dreams about their teeth falling out, crumbling or decaying. These types of dreams can wake you up with a jolt. You may be relieved to know that it was all a dream, but the images from your dream may stick with you throughout the day. We’re not sure what these dreams mean, but we wouldn’t be surprised if dreaming about teeth is more common for dental professionals.

Have you ever had a dream about teeth, or about other aspects of your work as a dental assistant?