We all strive to be professional on the job, but there are moments when our feelings are too strong to ignore. We talked to dental assistants about the moments they’ve had on the job that stand out. Many of these moments are ones of happiness — such as seeing a patient’s smile transform — but some of these moments were due to an especially tough day or patients going through something difficult. Read on to hear what others have said and how they’ve dealt with emotions on the job.


Tears of Happiness

“One patient cried because he finally had his teeth back. They were knocked out in an accident and it took years for him to recover physically and financially. When we placed the bridge and he looked in the mirror, he cried — and I think most of us did too. It was happy tears day for all involved!” — Katrina L.


Celebrating with Patients

“It’s hard not to get attached to patients, especially since I’ve worked for the same dentist for 27 years. One of the best moments was when I cried with a patient after she got her brackets off — just in time for her upcoming wedding.” — Tammy F.


Sympathy for Patients

“One of the hardest moments of my job is when three-year-olds need extractions. Those days are always emotional for all.” — Ashley E.


Difficult Days

“I’ve been a dental assistant for more than 30 years, but I am still sensitive to some things. For example, I sometimes cry tears of frustration when a co-worker and I disagree.” — Kris D.


Providing Comfort

“Patients can feel like family, and I’ve gotten close with them. One of our patients lost her husband, and I hugged and cried with her.” — Ashley G.


As Kiera S. says, “Sometimes you just need to cry!” What emotional moments stand out for you?