Dental assistants demonstrate their skills and knowledge every day on the job. But what many people don’t realize is that dental assistants are a talented bunch — both inside and outside of the dental office. We spoke to several dental assistants to learn about their personal hobbies and hidden — or not-so-hidden! — talents.


Creative Crafters

Several dental assistants said they enjoyed various craft activities, such as knitting, crocheting or other art endeavors.


“I love anything crafty! Especially I love to crochet. I can never have too much yarn!  I love working with my hands and I think that is why I enjoy dental assisting too!” — Jennifer G.


“I make cards and knit!” — Dawn B.


“To say the least, when I’m not dental assisting, I’m tucked away in my ‘crafty corner.’ This includes, but is not limited to, making sweet treats, customizing items, making yarn projects, and much more! I absolutely love to create anything and everything! I guess it’s safe to say that most of my paycheck goes to all of my local craft stores!” — Priscilla T.



Weekend Artists

Many dental assistants have hobbies that border on professional side-jobs. Working with their hands is a common theme.


“I make beaded jewelry. It seemed natural since I work with my hands all day.” — Mona L.


“I like to do photography. I’m not a professional, but I enjoy doing it for family and love nature photography.” — Jennifer C.


“I love flowers and create bridal bouquets.” — Elsy M.




Some dental assistants cannot be limited to one category. They noted a wide range of hobbies and interests. These dental assistants are multi-talented!


“My hobbies include reading, working out, crafting, baking, cooking and exploring with friends and my dog. Plus I am also hair stylist.” — Abby S.


“I love performing! I also do event planning for kids’ parties, plus art.” — Sonya D.


“My hobbies include DIY projects, cycling and reading!” — Christy M.


Dedicated Volunteers

Many dental assistants entered the profession because they want to help others and give back. These qualities translated into how they spend their free time — often volunteering and working to improve the community.


“I love to help people beyond the dental office. I’m a volunteer medical first responder — it’s so rewarding.” — Sharon H.


“I’ve been a dental assistant for 10 years. One of my hobbies is giving my time to the local dental assistants’ association.” — Marie A.


“Every summer I raise and release real monarch butterflies. I do it to help their survival and I team up with the environmental center on weekends for events when the dental office is closed.” — Jayne K.


What are your talents or hobbies? Tell us in the comments!