During Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW), March 3-9, dental assistants across the country took time to celebrate themselves, one another and the entire dental assisting profession. Employers’ and dental teams’ efforts to extend recognition certainly didn’t go unnoticed by grateful dental assistants such as Amy B.

“My office gave us thoughtful gifts every day of the week,” Amy shares. “We were feeling the love for sure!”

“Our boss treated us every day this week to a wonderful surprise,” adds Kellie P., noting the celebratory treats and gifts she and her dental assistant colleagues received.

Are you curious about how other dental assistants marked the occasion? Here’s a glimpse into some more DARW festivities.

Food, Food … and More Food!

Some dental assistants and their offices celebrated DARW with food, food and more food!

“On Monday, we had a breakfast buffet with fruit and bagels, etc.; on Tuesday, we had a catered pizza and salad lunch; and on Wednesday, our hygienists brought in a meat and cheese platter and a vegetable tray from a local market,” recalls Alison A. “We also got $15 gift cards and took Polaroid-type photos. I sure do love my office!”


Gift Card Gratitude

Additionally, some dental assistants saw DARW as an opportunity to deliver thank-you notes, and in some cases gift cards, to their colleagues. “My wonderful associate dentist got me a wonderful handwritten card. Our office manager also got each of the assistants a Starbucks gift card,” says Carmen L.

“Little thank-yous like these go a long way,” she adds. “If you are treated well, you will go the extra mile.”

All in the Dental Details

During DARW, dental-themed gifts were also popular among assistants.

“We received cute tokens of appreciation like these the whole week!” says Xaymara S. Additionally, Jennifer B. was gifted tooth-themed socks. These are so fun!


Social Media Shoutouts

Lastly, some dental practices posted photos and heartfelt messages to their social media pages, thanking dental assistants for all their hard work. For example, Shelly W. felt like the star of her practice’s Facebook page during DARW, when a photo was shared of her posing with flowers and a big (tooth-themed!) cookie. We like this!

Mary R., an office manager, also shared a meaningful shoutout to her dental assistant teammates online.

“During DARW, we celebrated our highly skilled team,” Mary wrote. “Thank you for your dedication to helping improve people’s dental health! Dental assistants make the wheels go ’round on our bus — you are awesome!”


How did you celebrate DARW?