There are more than 300,000 dental assistants working in the United States, and all bring unique backgrounds and qualities to the profession. But we think there are a few “types” of dental assistant that you might find yourself identifying with. So without further delay, we present four kinds of dental assistants!


The Patient Pleaser

This dental assistant will do anything to make a patient smile. From telling a funny story to holding a nervous patient’s hand, the Patient Pleaser focuses everything on patient comfort and satisfaction.


The Fear Buster

Some patients can be apprehensive. This is where the Fear Buster comes in and does everything possible to make the patient feel at ease. The Fear Buster can be found explaining dental procedures in detail and busting any dental myths the patient may have had.


The Schedule Master

Dental offices can be hectic places, but they are no match for the Schedule Master. This dental assistant can turn the most chaotic day into organization and order. The Schedule Master knows how to fill gaps in the schedule, make up lost time and get the day back on track.


The Mind Reader

The best dental assistants are always one step ahead and that’s especially true for the Mind Reader. This dental assistant knows how to anticipate needs without words or instruction. How is it possible? That’s the magic of the Mind Reader!


What kind of dental assistant are you? Or are you all of the above?