June 6 – 10, 2016, is Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week, and one of the most important staff roles in any orthodontic office is that of the dental assistant!

We’re taking this opportunity to share what orthodontic assistants think about their work, in their own words. Take a look below at various ways that orthodontic assistants impact the team, the office and patients.


I’m an orthodontic assistant and I…


Witness a transformation.

“Watching patients go from the beginning of their treatment to the end is great — it’s a great feeling to assist in taking off someone’s braces and watch them skip out the door.” — Maryann M., CDA


Know how much I’m valued.

“When I started in the ortho field, people would say things like, ‘oh, you’re just an assistant.’ It used to bother me but now I know better — we do a ton and are more respected for it today!” — Sue K., CDA


Have confidence in what I do.

“Earning my DANB Certified Orthodontic Assistant certification has given me added confidence in my job, and I know I’m providing the best possible care for our patients.” — Lori M., COA


Keep up with what’s new.

“I love working in ortho. The kids we see are great — they keep me young and updated on new music, movies and style.” — Maryann M., CDA


Inspire others to join the field.

“I had the most wonderful, caring dental assistant while I was in orthodontic treatment. It made me decide to become a dental assistant myself!” — Frances G., CDA


Happy Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week to all the orthodontic assistants! Let us know why you love your work and how you’re celebrating in the comments.