We know that dental assistants are giving and compassionate. You often share with us that if you weren’t a dental assistant, you still would work in a field where you could help people. You find helping patients to be rewarding, and patients are no doubt thankful for your competency, friendliness and comforting presence. We know we are!

Here are some reasons we’re thankful for dental assistants:

You Love Helping Others

“I love the feeling of being able to help others, while assisting the doctors to relieve patients’ pain and ensure they are educated on the issues of dental health — so they can become more confident, less fearful and better patients. If I wasn’t a dental assistant, I would definitely still be in the health field, helping others in every possible way.” — Edda H.

“I have the privilege of being a dental assisting program instructor. This role helps me to bring new generations of dental assistants into the workforce. I love to instill the love and passion I have for my profession into my students in hopes they will continue to spread their joy and positivity throughout their careers.” — Megen E.

You Always Listen

“The greatest achievement of my job is when I can comfort the patients, and at the end of the procedures, they say, ‘Thank you for being here and talking to me.’ I think we as dental assistants are very good listeners, not only to the patients, but also to the doctor and other staff.” — Connie K.

“Every mouth has a story. It’s our job to listen.” — Vicky R.

You Feel Compassion

“I build empathy with patients by telling them about my past experiences at the dentist as a child. I’ve been in the dental field for 27 years. I still break out in a sweat when I get into the chair, even when I’m getting my teeth cleaned. But my doctor is a perfectionist, and I totally trust him and his work.” — Martha T.

“I had very bad experiences in the dental chair as a child, and I wanted to find a way to work and help people feel more comfortable getting the dental work they needed. I have a deep compassion for people and can relate to their fears because of my past experiences. Currently, I have a very compassionate dentist, and because of this, I also feel I can give them hope.” — Amy N.

You Share Your Smiles

“As one dentist once told me, as soon as you open the staff door, put on a happy face. No matter what mood the patient is in, you’re tasked with putting a smile on their face.” — Alice T.

“Having a positive attitude makes for a great experience in the workplace, and also for your patients. Give each patient and co-worker a reason to smile every day, and you will see the difference it makes.” — Dana H.

You Exude Positivity

“I greet every patient with a compliment, because that is how I would want it to be as a patient. I want my passion for my profession and people to be obvious.” — Amy N.

“When speaking with patients, I never use negative wording, like ‘don’t,’ ‘pain,’ ‘bad,’ etc. I find that starting with small talk is best, to make the patient feel comfortable.” — Sonya D.

Thank you, dental assistants, for all that you do!