On Oct. 31, it’s not uncommon for dental assistants to show their Halloween spirit by wearing costumes at work. In the past, you’ve shared your photos from fun dental office festivities, featuring troll costumes, animal costumes, western-themed costumes, superhero costumes and more.

It’s true that on Halloween especially, “superheroes” are among the many fictional personas that can be seen in the dental office. But we also know that it’s a fact that dental assistants are superheroes year-round — not just on Halloween.

“We are superpowered,” agrees Sobeyda R., CDA, who adds: “I’m a DANB Certified Dental Assistant certificant!”

Dental assistants definitely have special traits and talents that could be considered superpowers. Here, we highlight five of the many dental assisting superpowers. What would you add to this list?

1. Calming Patients

It’s no secret that not all patients enjoy visiting the dental office. Some are even nervous or downright scared about their appointment. Fortunately, dental assistants have a knack for making their experience less stressful.

“I enjoy making sure my patients are no longer worried,” says Jessica B. “I make sure they know that I am there for them and that it will be OK.”

2. Multitasking

Dental assistants are constantly busy, with a variety of tasks to accomplish each workday. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re always on your feet and don’t even have time for a break!

“Assisting is definitely a juggling act sometimes,” agrees Angie M.

3. Reading Minds

Dental assistants often tell us that they’re in sync with the dentist, always anticipating his or her needs so the appointment runs smoothly. Some might even say you’re the dentist’s extra eyes and hands!

“One of the best moments of my day is when a patient picks up on the fact that I can hand everything to the dentist without them ever having to ask for it,” says Rhona M.

4. Sharing Knowledge

Dental assistants are educated dental professionals. Many of you agree that sharing your knowledge with patients is one of your favorite things about the role.

“The more I learn, the more I am able to help and inform not only my family and friends, but also my own patients about prevention, as well as the treatment they’re having done,” says Addy S.

5. Transforming Smiles

Dental assistants have a hand in helping to enhance not only patients’ oral health, but also their smiles. For many, this transformation can have life-changing effects!

“When I was working in orthodontics especially, I saw how dentistry changes people’s lives,” recalls Cora Lee K., CDA. “They have more confidence in themselves, and it makes me feel good that we’ve had a part of it.”