There are many qualities of a good dental assistant — qualities that separate the average dental assistants from the best dental assistants. Today, we’re focusing on just one area — the letter P — to bring you the three Ps of dental assisting.



Dental assistants are often called the glue that holds the dental practice together. From smoothing over scheduling hiccups to calming worried patients, dental assistants help the day move forward. Of course, in order to manage these areas, dental assistants need a healthy dose of patience.


“I take time with each patient — getting to know them and explaining in detail how things will go. I let them know I’m there for whatever they need and reassure them everything will be OK. Showing patience and care helps patients feel relaxed and trust that they are in good hands.” — Tillie T.



Dental assisting is not just a job — it’s a career. Taking your work seriously and going the extra step to be knowledgeable is the mark of a good dental assistant. Many dental assistants earn DANB certification or state credentials to demonstrate their knowledge and dedication.


“Take pride in yourself and all you have to offer. Having that CDA certificate on the wall in our operatory tells patients every day that I care enough about them to be the absolute best that I can be.” — Deborah H., CDA



Dental assistants who love what they do give it their all every day. Having a passion for helping others and making patients smile is the cornerstone to a career in dental assisting.


“I’ve held DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant certification since 1978. I absolutely love my job! I’ve worked with some great dentists over the years and I feel blessed I have a great career today. To me, dental assisting has been a very rewarding profession.” — Marie B., CDA


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