At DANB and the DALE Foundation, we love hearing dental assistants’ stories throughout the year. We always want to learn about your day and your passion for the profession! The anecdotes you regularly offer up on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages often reflect how much you love your role. It shows!

We looked back at your comments from last year and highlighted some that were interesting, relatable or downright funny. Check them out below! Did any of your comments make the list?

Assistant Appreciation

Dental assistants are extremely important members of the dental team. There’s no doubt about it. Last year, we especially enjoyed hearing about how dental assistants are superheroes, and all the ways you bring value to the dental office. Here are some of our favorite comments you shared!

“Dental assistants work very hard. They need to have the knowledge and skills and know the preferences of the dentist.” — Sara F.

“Assistants are the underdogs in the industry. The roles they have in the office are many! Never say or think you are JUST an assistant.” — Andrea E.

Rewards of the Role

We know dental assistants are passionate about patient care. Often, we hear that the highlight of your day is helping people in the dental chair. You love working with patients! In dental assisting, there are many positive aspects of the role. Last year, you gave insight into just how rewarding a dental assistant career can be.

“Each day, each patient is different. The patients are the best part of the job.” — Kristie G.

“I was an assistant for 30 years. I loved it! Throughout my career, I had two great bosses and learned so much. I thought I was paid well.” — Brownie P.

Patient Pet Peeves

As a dental assistant, you spend a lot of time conversing with patients. While patient interactions can be positive and uplifting, other talks with patients don’t always go as planned. Last year, we heard some of your top pet peeves:

“My pet peeve is when you bring a patient back [for their appointment], and they’re on their phone — and want to stay on it while you’re trying to seat them and talk to them about their dental appointment. Or the patient who wants to answer their cellphone in the middle of a procedure!” — Angie G.

“My pet peeve is when patients walk in with heavy calculus buildup, periodontal issues, and visible decay on multiple teeth — but insist on only getting teeth whitening.” — Ramil G.

The Best Dental Teams

For lucky dental assistants, the dental office is not just a workplace — it’s a second home. And your co-workers aren’t just teammates — they’re like family. We loved hearing about how fortunate many of you feel to work with the best dental teams.

“I’ve been a dental assistant for over 30 years. During this time, I’ve seen babies born and then grow up to have their own. I’ve had the opportunity to work for a great dentist for 30 years. The practice is my extended family.” — Rosa S.

“I’ve been at it for 34 years and have to say I feel truly blessed to have worked with some pretty awesome teammates!” — Carrie S.

Overheard in the Dental Office

When it comes to the top social media comments of 2018, we won’t forget to mention the humorous things dental patients sometimes say. Last year, we enjoyed reading (and laughing along with) what you’ve overheard in the dental office — especially these gems:

“We had a patient call in asking if the doctor would see his dog’s teeth. The vet charged $700, and the patient didn’t want to pay that much!” — Elizabeth B.

“‘I’d rather have a baby than do this!’ I actually had a patient say that to me once, true story.” — Tracey C.

Happy New Year, dental assistants! Please keep the comments coming in 2019!

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