It’s back-to-school season! Across the country, students are diving into all things school-related: reading textbooks, taking notes, completing homework projects, and attending school social events with peers, among other activities.

This group includes those who are preparing or continuing to study dental assisting. What exactly does it mean to be a dental assistant student? While most have their sights set on the same goal — eventually working in the dental office! — it’s likely everyone has a slightly different approach to achieving it, as well as a unique personality and work style.

Dental assistant programs typically take about a year to complete, depending on the program. As such, some students already have spent some time on campus and know exactly what type of student they are. Others still may be finding their own stride as a student.

Regardless of whether you’re a new or returning student, we wonder if you’ll be able to recognize yourself in any of the descriptions listed below. Let us know: What kind of a dental assistant student are you?

The Overachiever

As an overachiever, you’re driven to succeed, and it shows. You’re super organized, do the homework right away, and always aim for those A’s. You’re eager to answer questions in class and join in on any and all group activities — and of course, volunteer to be the group leader! Some might say you’re the “teacher’s pet,” as your instructor probably can’t help but be impressed by your enthusiasm.

The Quiet Type

On the flip side, some students may be more introverted and less likely to draw attention to themselves. While you’re focused on your studies and excel in your own way, you’re probably less likely to raise your hand to speak up in class. You also may enjoy working independently more than participating in group activities and projects.

The Social Butterfly

For the social butterfly, school is just as much about networking as it is about learning. You enjoy collaborative classroom situations where you can make new connections. You care about making a good impression among your peers and the faculty. But you’re also probably more likely to be distracted by chatting with your classmates.

The Procrastinator

If you’re a procrastinator, you may have a tough time feeling motivated to stick to a schedule. You’ll ask a question, start the homework, study for the test … later. If you can relate, you’re likely no stranger to the last-minute rush, the thrill of barely making the deadline. You might even be known to pull an all-nighter to study or complete an assignment.

The Dreamer (Literally)

Are you someone who occasionally has trouble focusing in class? Do you find yourself daydreaming, doodling on paper, or even nodding off every so often? If so, you may be this type of student. You might get more out of your study experiences outside of class, where you can take those occasional breaks and reset your focus before hitting the books again.

What type of dental assistant student are you?
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