Dental assistants are sometimes considered to be the heart of the dental office. This is no surprise – dental assistants are so compassionate and caring. You love being a dental assistant, helping patients, and working as part of the dental team. It shows!

Read on to learn some reasons why dental assistants are the heart of the dental office.

1. You’re Passionate about the Profession

Successful dental assistants are passionate about their careers and always on the lookout for chances to grow their knowledge, so they can best serve the patients. Many choose to pursue continuing educational opportunities such as those offered through the DALE Foundation. Additionally, many dental assistants — 38,000-plus and counting! — have earned DANB certification to demonstrate their commitment to professional learning and taking on new responsibilities. So many dental assistants and DANB certificants are proud of their educational achievements and how these enhance not only their careers, but also the entire dental profession.

“Dental assisting is my life, my passion,” says Denise R., CDA, COA. “It really is just an amazing career.”

2. You Can Connect with Patients

Among the top qualities that dental assistants share is that they’re dedicated to providing excellent patient care.

As a dental assistant, an important part of your role is helping to make everyone’s experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible – especially those who may be nervous about visiting the dentist. Dental assistants are often among the first friendly faces a patient sees when they arrive at the dental office, and you’re skilled at helping patients to feel right at home. Many times, patients thank their assistants for their skills and support after the procedure is completed.

“We try to find common ground and make a connection with patients,” says Amanda J., CDA. “We want people to know they are not alone.”

3. You Help Patients Feel Good about Themselves

Dental assistants have a hand in helping to enhance not only patients’ oral health, but also their confidence. When patients’ teeth are decayed, for example, this can affect whether they have pain and how they may feel about the appearance of their smile. For many patients, dental treatment can make all the difference. Being able to boost a patient’s outlook and well-being is the top priority and reward for dental assistants – it’s the ultimate gift you help to give.

“When patients feel good about themselves, it shows,” says Carla S., CDA. “That’s what being a chairside dental assistant is all about: making sure patients feel good about who they are.”

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