Happy Dental Assistants Recognition Week! This week is all about dental assistants and celebrating your careers and experiences in the dental office.

Many dental assistants agree dental assisting is the best career because there’s a lot to look forward to each workday. Below, we outline just a few of the reasons you love your work.

You Make a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Most dental assistants say helping patients achieve a healthy smile and confidence is the best part of their day. There’s nothing better than seeing a patient leave the office smiling, satisfied and pain-free. Patient gratitude can make the occasional workplace challenge worth it — because you made a difference.

“The best thing, for me, is helping to change the mindset of the person who initially does not want to come to the dental office, but who returns to the office all smiles after you’ve created a trusting relationship with them,” says Janaya G., CDA.

Carla S., CDA, agrees that transforming patients’ outlooks and confidence is extremely rewarding. “When patients feel good about themselves, it shows,” Carla says. “That’s what being a chairside dental assistant is about: making sure that patients feel good about who they are.”

You Work Together as a Team

In dental assisting, it’s not just the patients who tend to brighten your day in the dental office. Many dental assistants also look forward to working with their teammates. Collaborating with colleagues — and sharing advice, mentorship and encouragement — is often the best part of the entire dental assisting experience.

“I take pride in being that one person in the office everyone can count on — in being knowledgeable, respectable, dependable and a great team player,” Janaya says.

Karen E., CDA, agrees: “The best thing about being a dental assistant is being part of a team.”

Your Day Is Never Boring

Many dental assistants also believe dental assisting is the best career because it’s never boring. There is no shortage of variety in a dental assistant’s day, which can be packed with so many patients to see and procedures to assist with. This keeps it all interesting!

“I love the flexibility with duties in dental assisting. You’re never doing the same thing — even with two patients in a row, usually. Everybody’s different,” shares Chanel M., CDA.

Emily S., CDA, also has had many different, rewarding experiences in the dental office. “The best thing about being a dental assistant is the wide variety of dental procedures that you do during the day,” she adds.

You’re Always Learning

Dentistry is a fascinating field, and dental assistants are eager to learn about new techniques, procedures, materials and more. Continuing education (CE) can help you stay engaged in you work, take on expanded duties, and even take your career to the next level. For most, having access to endless learning opportunities is one of the best parts of the job.

“The best thing about being a dental assistant is there is always room to grow and learn new things,” says Erin N., CDA.

“It’s important to me as a dental assistant to keep up-to-date with information and materials in the dental field,” echoes Emily S., CDA. “CE is important. We should always keep learning.”

Dental assistants, what’s the best part of being a dental assistant?

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